Beef Mince and Potato Pie

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This is my first savoury pie, and I think it worked quite well. It was quite nice to make, too. Very simple, but not too simple.  I’m pretty sure everyone liked it. You dont need to use garlic cloves, you can use garlic paste, 1tsp = 1 clove. We’re fancy now, so we have garlic cloves. But we’re not fancy enough for paprika, so I had to use chilli powder. Anyway, yeah its pretty good, and i’m going to go eat the Apple Crumble that I made yesterday, and that’s not just an excuse to link.

Beef Mince and Potato Pie

You’ll need:

For the filling:

  • 1tsp Olive oil
  • 375g Beef mince
  • 1 Small onion, diced
  • 2 Medium potatoes, peel, cubed (as big as you want) and part boiled, and drain away the water
  • 1 Large garlic clove, or 2 small ones, crushed.
  • 2-3tsp Mixed herbs
  • <1tsp Paprika, to taste
  • 1tsp or so Worcestershire sauce
  • 300ml Beef stock, keeping about 50ml aside
  • Salt and Pepper

For the pastry:

  • Do this pastry recipe, wrap it in clingfilm and keep in the fridge for about 10 minutes or until ready to use. > PASTRYYYY <


1. Heat the oil in a medium saucepan, add the mince and cook until brown and there’s no pink left. Add in the onion, potato, and garlic. Cooke for a few more minutes, until the onion has softened. Check for excess oil and stuff like that, and get rid of it.

2. Add in the herbs, paprika, and the sauce that I’m not going to try and spell again. Stir for a minute or so.

3. Gently pour in the beef stock, while stirring. I don’t know why you need to do it gently, and it probably wont matter if you dump it in, but it will sizzle a lot and might spit, so I’m assuming that its for your safety. Add in as much salt and pepper as you’d like, cover the saucepan with a lid and simmer for 20 minutes, stirring every minute or two. Add slightly more stock if it gets too dry, but there should be very little liquid when its done cooking.

4. While the filling is cooking, get out the pie dish you’re using, preferably round, that makes this next part easier. Get the pastry out and split it in half, but one half slightly bigger. Roll out the bigger half on a floured surface until its a few inches bigger than the pie dish on all sides, measure this by just putting the pie dish face down on the pastry sheet, obviously if you chose a shallow dish, it doesn’t have to be as wide, and is its deeper then obviously bigger. Preheat oven to gas mark 5/190*C/375*F.

5. If you’ve done the pastry right, then you should be able to carefully fold it in half, place the rolling pin in front, and lift the folded side back over onto the rolling pin and lift it up. The you can place the pie dish under neath, and unroll in onto the dish by placing on side of the pastry over one side of the dish, and moving across while turning the rolling pin allowing the pastry to unravel neatly onto the dish, gently ajust if needed and even more gently  press the pastry into the dish. That was way harder to explain that it is to do. I’m actually slightly out of breath.

6. Roll out the second, smaller half of the pastry, this can be much small, but still slightly bigger than the circumference of the dish.

7. If the filling is cooked, allow to cool slightly before tipping it into the pastry case, if there’s a bit of juice that’s fine, but there shouldn’t much at all.  Do the thing with the rolling pin the the second bit of pastry, trim the edges with a knife. With any remaining pastry, you can even make a design. As you can see, mine is the epitome of artistic, and immediately lets you know that it is indeed a beef pie.

Beef Mince and Potato Pie


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