Triple Layer Halloween Sponge Cake

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Pumpkin Shaped Cake

This is to make up for all the things I didn’t do leading up to Halloween. Yesterday I was getting prepared for a Halloween event in my Cadet unit (I wouldn’t called it a Halloween event, it was more of a ‘Spend loads of time getting ready for nothing’ event) who was supposedly holding a competition for best cake and best dressed. They didn’t end up doing the competition because so few  cadets actually turned up, at the end of the “event” I asked one of the youth leaders who (and IF anyone) won… they said that I would have won both of them by a looooong shot…, yeah, THANKS. ANYWAY (went a bit off topic there), this is a brilliant cake to do for Halloween! Its also a review on the Betty Crocker Vanilla Icing, because that what I used as the filling. It takes a while, about 30 mins each layer and has a medium difficulty.

You will need:

  • 6 eggs (weigh them)
  • the same amount of soft butter, caster sugar, self-raising flour as eggs.
  • 1 tub of buttercream (Like I said, I used Betty Crocker icing which worked perfectly)
  • about 600g icing sugar mixed in with a few tablespoons of water and orange colouring, or 1.5 packets of orange fondant icing.

Colouring and Flavouring:


1. Cream together the caster sugar and butter until soft and creamy, slowly add the flour, adding one egg after each addition.

2. Separate into 3 bowls, add the orange colouring and flavouring to the first, green and peppermint to the next, and coco powder with a bit of black in the third.

3. Grease a round, loose bottomed cake tin, pre-heat oven to gas mark 4/180*C/350*F.

4. Bake the orange one first, (this doesn’t really matter, you can put them in whatever order) this one be at the bottom. Next the chocolate one, them the Peppermint one. Remember to wash and re-grease each time.

5. For the butter cream, I added orange colouring to mine to make it match. This is the review for it so skip to Step 6 to carry one. I liked the butter cream, it’s not much different from other brands though, but I wasn’t expecting it to be as most buttercream tastes similar. Its a decent amount in a tub and its a perfect consistency to spead on a cake with breaking it. 4.5/5 nothing wrong with it I just never give anything full marks, that’s my nanny’s faulty for making me stingy.

6. After all the cakes are done and cooled, spread a decent amount on the layers to stick them together, carve the cake however you want to make it look like a pumpkin then spread more on top and on the sides of the cake. Roll out the fondant icing between 2 pieces of grease proof paper to about 1 cm thick. Place it on, making sure that its, stuck on. Using a a bit of black icing or a cake pen, make the face. And you’re done!

Orange, Chocolate & Peppermint Layer Cake


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