Irish Cream Chocolate Brownie Trifle

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Moe delicious than it looks

It’s a tradition in our house to have a trifle at Christmas and also another at New Year. Last year we ended up with two at Christmas as my daughter in law has been brought up with a chocolate trifle and we have a plainer one. So, I made one and Rebecca made another, I will get her recipe at some time and share it on here.

The last two years we have had a chocolate Christmas pudding but this year we felt like a change. My husband liked Rebecca’s chocolate trifle so I decided to make a naughty alcoholic & chocolate version of a traditional trifle, which is so easy to make. Just layer chocolate brownies, custard, Irish cream liqueur and whipped cream for an indulgent treat. It is a truly decadent dessert for the festive season.

I didn’t try and work out how many calories there are per serving, I was too scared, but I’m going to estimate… lots! And probably a few more on top. Even if it does contain the equivalent of a evening meals worth of calories it was so worth it.


  • 500ml custard
  • 100g  dark chocolate broken into pieces
  • 400g of chocolate brownies
  • 3 tbsp coffee
  • 100ml Irish cream liqueur, plus 1 tbsp extra for soaking the brownies
  • 100g bag Maltesers (I think the pouches are 93g, that will do)
  • 500ml double cream
  • 25g icing sugar


  1. Make the custard as you normally would and chocolate to it in while still in the saucepan. Gently heat, stirring, until the chocolate has completely melted into the custard. Cover the surface with cling film to stop the custard forming a skin, then cool for a couple of hours.
  2. Place the brownies in a trifle bowl, take 3 tbsps of coffee from a cup you’ve made and mix with the 1 tbsp Irish cream liqueur. Drizzle over the brownies. Use a rolling pin or saucepan to gently bash the bag of Maltesers a few times to crush a little, then sprinkle about three-quarters of the bag over the brownies. Spoon the cooled chocolate custard all over the top, then cover and chill.
  3. Make the final layer by combining the cream and 100ml Irish cream liqueur in a bowl. Sift over the icing sugar, then whip until soft peaks form. Cover and chill until you’re ready to serve.
  4. To serve, give the cream a quick mix, then spoon on top of the chocolate custard. Scatter over the last few crushed Maltesers to decorate

If you are short on time there are several ways to make it quicker on the day. The custard and brownies can be made the day before. Or, you can get ready made custard and buy rather than make the brownies. I wouldn’t advise making the cream in advance though, this is better fresh.

I ended up making one trifle in a huge bowl and another, for photographic purposes, in a glass with a stem. Unfortunately neither show the trifle at it’s best. So, there’s nothing else I can do apart from putting these on and making another for Tom’s birthday in March!

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