St. Patrick’s Day Hats

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These are very cute-looking, not as cute to make though. Some worked out better than others, and others failed miserably. But when they worked, it made it worth it.

St. Patrick's Day Hats

You will need:

  • Small biscuits, I used one of my other recipes for this –> Vanilla Fork Biscuits
  • 200g< Milk chocolate, melted in a small bowl
  • A bag of marshmellows
  • Green icing (with a piping bag)


1. Coat the biscuits in chocolate and place on a plated, coat the marshmallows and place them on top of the biscuits. Refrigerate the hats for about 10 minutes.

2. Fit a small nozzle on the piping bag and create a ring around the base of the marshmallow, then, for the shamrock, Ice upwards a bit and squeeze 3 small blobs around the top of the stem. Done!

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