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This is a review on the Super Bouncerz that we got as a present for X-mas. Me and my sister both really like bouncy balls so we we’re pretty excited to try it out, we weren’t disappointed. They’re nice and simple to make and are completely customisable. They make 6 and 2 /3 balls. One problem as that half way through the second lot we did, one of the cases popped open, leaving the ball deformed and fat…. poor ball. This happened again with the third lot. So now we have 2 deformed balls  and 1 ball missing a third of itself….. poor balls. Also after a while the balls become less bouncy and harden up, I found that popping them in water for a minute or so then leaving them to dry can help quite a lot. 3.8/5

Even though instructions come with the kit I’m still going to do a step by step list, because why not:

1. STEP ONE. Open the box, take out the plastic cases (the yellow thing with holes in, yeah that thing) and squeezing it shut until you hear the click and the little thingies on this side are in a 90* position.

2. STEP TWO. Take out the colours in the box and decide what order you want to use your colours in…. Take your time, it’s a big decision……….. okay moving on.

3. STEP THREE. After your hour of thinking over this decision that you may or may not have come to yet, time to actually make some balls!! Cut a small corner off a packet and go crazy, fill until in gets to the bottom over the neck-spout thing.




4. STEP FOUR. Fill a small tub up with water and put the plastic cases in the water top side upwards… wait 10 minutes ten take them out to dry, leave for about 15 minutes. Now, if planet earth blows up then I think you went wrong somewhere around step 3.






5. If the earth is still intact then all you need to do is open the cases (you know those little thingies on the side? Yeah well press them together) and take your balls out, cut of the little knob and your’re done!!

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