FancyBakers 17-Piece Cake Decorating Tip Set Review

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Being a novice to cake decorating, previously I’d only used the ‘tube’ icing or a disposable plastic nozzle with a greaseproof paper bag which I made a total hash of! I decided that we really needed a complete set and when I was asked to review this set I jumped at the chance.

Cake Decorating Set

When the set arrived it was in a nice hinged presentation box, which is very handy for storage and it also will hopefully stop me losing any of them. It’s a very compact box with 16 decorating tips + 1 coupler.

The set consists of:
4 round tips;
3 star tips;
1 closed star tip;
2 leaf tips;
4 speciality tips;
2 petal tips
Plus a standard sized coupler

The coupler bit I found really handy as I’d never used one before. It comes in two plastic pieces, a base and a ring. This system fits inside cake decorating bags or cones and allows you to use the same icing with different tips.

The tips are made from food grade stainless steel and are corrosion resistant so will never rust. They are also dishwasher safe and have a lifetime warranty. I also liked the fact that the numbers are engraved on each nozzle so they can’t rub off when being washed.

After trying them for the first time I would love to say that they didn’t work at all (to make out that they were to blame for the mess me and the children created) but I can’t and I have to take all the blame for not using them properly. I couldn’t even face taking photo’s of what happened it was that bad ?

In conclusion they are a really nice set and I hope that one day we can do them justice with our cake decorating. Watch this space!

I really would recommend these for beginners as well as people who can actually us them.


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