Shaped Wax Crayons – Recycling

If you’ve got old broken crayons (who hasn’t?) rather than throw them away try recycling them. With a few things you can make novelty shaped crayons in just 15 minutes.

Due to the heat involved this is not suitable for young children, the wax and bowl get very hot. I do have an alternative, more child friendly, method for doing this which I will post soon.

Supplies Needed:

  • Crayons
  • Silicone Mould (we use ice cube moulds)
  • Double Boiler or pan and bowl


  1. Cut or break the crayons into pieces
  2. Place in a bowl over a pan of hot water
  3. When the crayons have melted pour into mould
  4. Allow to set for around 10 minutes and take out of the mould

We made Mickey Mouse and Teddy Bear crayons today.

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