Hello and welcome to Create, Make, Bake. 


I’m Lydia, married to Tom and I’m mum to 3 grown up children. We also have custody of 2 of our granddaughters and that’s how this website came about.  It is a family effort and I originally started it after I began to teach the children how to cook. This allowed them to share what they had made with family & friends. I also wanted to show them how to build and run a website and blog.  


As we home educate the children, life skills are a big part of what they learn alongside maths & English.  So with this in mind as well as cooking we are also adding crafts that the children make themselves. We have started with simpler crafts that most children can do. Future plans include advanced crafts which will include woodwork.


Most of the cookery posts are now written by Abbie, 12. She started off just making cakes but is now doing full meals. Jess, 10, will be doing more of the crafts as she prefers these to cooking.  Tom also shares some of his culinary skills, when I can persuade him to.


We also blog about our home education journey at A New Adventure if this is of interest to you.